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Last week I wrote about how to find a single copy of a book.
This week we are going to move on to how to find a classroom set or multiple copies of a book.
The fastest way to get multiple copies of some titles is to check on Medianet or email me, and I'll check for you. There are several titles available in what medianet calls Book Kits or classroom sets. These are pre-assembled and come in a big bag with 30 copies of the book. Easy as pie. One click - no tracking # of copies coming. You're done.
The Professional Library also has shelves full of multiple copies of titles. The nice difference is that with these titles you can request just what the teacher needs. Suppose he or she only wanted 10 copies of the book? Why have a big bag of 20 or more copies of the book sitting in the room taking up space? If the title is in the Professional Library, all you do is find the title, and at checkout time, enter the number needed in the quantity field. I'll custom build the set and send it out in a smaller bag.

Another place to check is the multiple copies list located half way down the left side of this page. You may find one of the districts has a set of books that you need. Then it's as easy as e-mailing or calling the LMS of that library and asking if you can borrow them. Wouldn't you love to be that media specialist that comes to the rescue of your fellow media specialists and fill the request for them? That would totally make their day! Why not send me your updated list of multiple copies so that you could loan them out?

Unfortunately, not every request can be filled by any of the above methods. Sometimes we have to do an "All Call". I recently sent out an e-mail group to use for just such an occasion. (Let me know if you need me to resend the group to you.) This process takes a little longer. There are two ways to handle an All Call. You can send your all call out yourself, have the responses and books come directly to your library. You will know where your request stands at all times. The other option is to have me do your All Call. This takes a little longer because I will collect the books here and send them on to you when everything is ready.

OK...what if you try all these options and you still don't have all the books you need? Let me know. I'll see what I can do.


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