October 1, 2010



Ronda's Corner
I decided to write on the topic of "Where can I find that book?" The methods listed below are mostly when you are looking for one or two copies. You can use this same method for class sets, but it is time consuming and can get confusing. There are easier ways that I will save for next week's issue.

From CASLS schools
Use the Western New York SLS Catalog request feature, requesting from one of our schools is very easy. Go to:

Click on the “BOCES: icon. In the upper right corner you will see “sign in”. Your username and password is your school holding code preceded by “ca” (this must be in lower case). Example: Allegany/Limestone Middle High is “ca021”. If you do not know your holding code, on the first page of the site, there is a link at the bottom click on “Regional SLS Codes by BOCES.” This link shows the “ca” in caps, but you need to use lower case.You can then search by Title, Author, and Subject. When the title list comes up, click on “details” to find out who owns it. Then click on “Request ILL” and complete the form with your name and comments. Click the submit button and you have sent it to the school of your choice.

If you didn't have any success finding your title there, then try this:

From other SLS Schools

If none of our schools own the title check Erie 1, Erie 2, or Orleans Niagara.
To do this: click on the preferences from the “sign in page”. On the left, you will see “preferences”.

Check the boxes of the other school library systems and click submit and then you will search all the SLS at the same time.

If Erie 1, Erie 2 or Orleans Niagara own the title, PLEASE put the following information in the comment section of the request:
Please reply if sending and forward the book to your SLS office to be sent to Ronda Turner - CA BOCES SLS -1825 Windfall Rd.- Olean, NY 14760
Please enter
in the CC line just below the comment box. Click submit
We are notified that the book is coming. We will then forward the book to you when it arrives and you will then return it to our office by the due date. We will cover the cost to return the book to the lending SLS.

Any title not listed in either of the above catalogs:
Send the title, author and ISBN, if available, to me in an email and I'll try to get it from OCLC.
Please keep in mind that most of the libraries will not lend out a book that has been published in the past 6 months to a year. I have had some success with getting DVDs, but they are another thing most libraries don't want to lend.

Giveaway - from Toni Buzzeo

To celebrate the publication of her latest book, She hosting a drawing for
Kindergarten and Pre-K teachers (and their librarians). Ten backpacks
stuffed with school supplies as well as copies of ADVENTURE ANNIE GOES TO
KINDERGARTEN and ABC, READ TO ME will be awarded in a random drawing on
10.8.10. Please forward this e-mail to your teachers and visit

Teresa Schauer
District Librarian/Pettus ISD
Pettus, Texas

Creating a List in iTunes for Looping Book Trailers:
First, you need to save the videos as mp4 files, into a folder on your
Downloading Trailers for Use in iTunes:
1. Go to http://booktrailers4all.4shared.com
2. Click on the interest level folder of your choice
3. Click on the trailer of your choice. This will take you to the
trailer4. Click on the “Download Now” button
5. Save the file to a folder you have created on your computer or a flash
1. In iTunes, upload the trailer files by clicking on “File” and then
“Add Folder to Library”
2. Follow the steps for adding the folder
3. Create a playlist by clicking on the little plus (+) sign in the
bottom left of your screen
4. Click on “Movies” under “Library”
5. Drag the video files from here, into your newly created playlist
6. Click on the playlist—you should see the files you’ve just added
7. Click on the third icon on the bottom left, in the same tray as the
plus (+) sign one time until it turns blue—this sets the playlist to repeat

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