Welcome Back!
September 10 2010
Ronda's Corner
Welcome back for another exciting year! Hopefully everyone is settling back into their routines.
With my first "Ronda's Corner" I decided I would answer a question that I received twice since school resumed - "Where is the Multiple Copies list?" You're in luck. It is right here on the wiki page. If you look to the left side of the page, it is about half way down the list. Click there and you're all set. Now that you know where to find it, please take a moment to look over the list for your district and see if there is anything that needs deleted or added. If your school isn't on there, why not? It can increase your stats for loans. Don't limit it to what is in your library, ask your English department if they would be willing to lend their classroom sets. When they do, just track it on your stat sheets and get an instant 20-30 books loaned all in one shot! Just send me a list and I'll add them to the spreadsheet.

__New Librarians or New Position__
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Dates to Remember:
C3 Meeting - October 13th at Allegany Limestone MH
Council Meeting October 18th Barn
Barry Britt - October 28th at Olean BOCES

510 Databases; Check to make sure all links are working - check to see if you have all the new databases

New Additions: Available Online

Tumble Books

Gale Reference Books

Sylvan Dell - nonfiction and fiction

Subject: Kids Constitution Day Contest -- PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY
Posting on behalf of Tom Adamich, Patricia Hassan and the Gov Doc Kids Group:

All Kindergarten-12th grade students are invited to participate in the 2010 Constitution Day Poster Contest. Entrants must create a poster that demonstrates how the freedoms embodied in the U.S. Constitution affect their daily lives. Entries will be judged on both artistic merit and relevance to the U.S. Constitution. Entries must be post-marked or uploaded by October 1, 2010. For more information, visit www.ConstitutionFacts.com.
Catch a promotional video for the Contest on Blip.tv: http://blip.tv/file/3956980 and on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It6ktjFSivM, both produced by David Carson, Johnson County Library (KS).